WaterTouch Live Wallpaper

…simulates an ultra-realistic and interactive water surface that you can set as a live wallpaper! I paid special attention to make this one fast and reactive. All vital components are coded in native C++ code to speed things up a bit. It is available as a Free-Version and a Pro-Version featuring some nice extras. Of course, as with all my live wallpapers, both versions are completely ad-free! So if you like it and want to support me, you might consider buying the Pro-Version, eventually :-)

Features in the Free-Version:

  • High performance and realism (Native OpenGL)
  • Adjustable speed/viscosity of the water (From jelly up to hyper-fluid)
  • Adjustable rain-strength
  • 6 different background images

Exclusively in the Pro-Version:

  • Adjustable specular highlights, shadows and water-amplitude
  • Custom background images
  • Multi-Touch
  • Accelerometer (Water reacts according your movements)
  • Rainbow-effect (colored water)


Download Free-Version:

Download Pro-Version: