Brain Traning Number Game

…is an addictive little game where it’s all about your fast perception!

The rules are simple: Tap all numbers, starting from 25 down to 0 as fast as you can! But be careful: If you tap the wrong number, you get 2 seconds penalty time! And to make it even worse: One of the numbers is hidden by a question mark, but you don’t know which one. One more thing: If the flash is flashing: Tap it fast! This gives you a 5 seconds bonus time.

You can play Brain Training Number Game on your own or with your Facebook friends. Competing with other players worldwide adds extra spice to it! Are you fast enough to score a ranking in the world league? Try it :-) Here’s the worldwide Top 40:

Brain Training Number Game offers excellent training for your peripheral vision. Unlike with other number-tapping games, the numbers here have different sizes and colors which makes it much harder to spot them. Sometimes the number you were looking for so desperately is actually the biggest one on the screen! ONE LAST WARNING: This game can make you addicted!

Now that’s basically all! I hope you like it. Have fun! :-)