Ball Compass 3D

- The perfect combination of simplicity, beauty and performance -


  • Beautifully designed ball compass
  • High precision and stability (special filter algorithm)
  • Highly responsive (uses gyroscope)
  • Various calibration methods
  • Nothing more, just a compass. But a nice one (I hope ;-))


A 3-dimensional, stabilized ball compass. The perfect combination of simplicity, beauty and performance. The app for the discriminating user who is looking for a compass with a little elegance ;-). It uses the same engine for sensor fusion as AR GPS Compass 3D and also serves as a testing ground for new features / improvements which will also find their way in there, eventually.

Permissions explained:

  • Access coarse location: This permission is necessary to fetch information about the geomagnetic field at your current position.
  • Internet / Access Network state: This app contains advertisement. Yes, i know.., but I have to make a living, too. I will soon release a Pro-Version which has some additional features and contains no ads. So please, stay tuned.