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App of the month

Autumn Leaves in HD Gyro 3D

The latest addition to conclude my series of seasonal 3D Parallax Live Wallpapers. Relax and enjoy the calming scene of falling leaves in autumn! Autumn Leaves in HD Gyro 3D allows you to tilt your device slightly into different orientations and watch the scene from different angles. The wallpaper makes use of the gyroscope or accelerometer to deliver you a stunning impression of real 3-dimensional depth.

The perfect 3D Illusion: Parallax Wallpapers!

…And there’s even more 3D Parallax Wallpapers! If you want to experience a whole new almost holographic 3D illusion on your mobile or tablet, the following applications might just be something for you:

Just in time for the spring season (at least on the northern hemisphere) Another wonderful Live Wallpaper from my series of 3D Parallax Live Wallpapers. It shows a beautiful 3D scene with cherry blossoms that float to the ground if you touch them. Of course, the flowers will grow again after they have fallen off!

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Another fascinating 3D Parallax Live Wallpaper. It creates the perfect illusion of a broken screen that reveals the hidden electronic circuitry of your device ;-). The electronics actually display real device information like CPU/RAM/… Forget about the other thousands of boring static cracked screen wallpapers. This one is live and in 3D! Try it! :-)

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Earth & Moon in Gyro 3D is a live wallpaper for android that shows earth and the moon as seen from space. I spent (space-)night after (space-)night, trying to optimize it to the maximum, to bring you only the best :-)

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